Roast Acorn Squash, Maple and Herb Lacquer

Serves 8

As the winter rolls in I find myself gravitating to soups, and roasted vegetables. The sweetness of properly roasted squash is the perfect fix. This particular recipe uses honey and maple syrup and herbs to develop a delicious glaze over the tender, smooth, and earthy squash. With this recipe you can use any squash, they are all delicious. Make this on a cold day, it is the perfect way to sooth the soul. 

Try topping this with a nice lemon kale salad for a great refreshing component. 


Acorn Squash - 3 each cut into 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3 tbsp 
Maple Syrup - 3 tbsp
Honey - 3 tbsp
Thyme 6 sprigs
Rosemary - 2 sprigs
Cardamom and Fennel Seed - dusting of ground seeds
Black pepper - 2 tsp
Salt - to taste


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Wash the acorn squash, cut in half, remove the 'guts' and cut into quarters. 
Toss the squash with olive oil, salt, pepper and a few sprigs of herbs. Place on baking sheet and into oven. 

Glaze - In a sauce pot, heat the honey and maple syrup until they boil, add the herbs and black pepper and lower heat, stirring often. Once the mixture is aromatic, remove from heat and let sit. 

After about 10 min, brush the squash with the glaze. Continue brushing ever 10 min or so. When the squash is soft and golden brown, brushand remove from oven. About 35 min. 

When ready to serve, put on plate, brush with glaze and garnish with fresh herbs.